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Personal firearms training in and around Galveston, Texas.

For years now firearms have had a negative connotation in the media and our population.  We are hearing about riots in the streets and violence against our Police Officers. People fear what they don’t know. We are all responsible for our own protection.  Replace that fear of firearms with education and knowledge. Learn how to pick up any firearm and be able to use it or safely disarm it.  Learn why millions of people are so passionate about shooting and being a responsibly armed citizen.  Taking that first step can be very scary. Contact me and together you will learn in a safe, friendly manner that is at YOUR comfortable pace. 

My primary goal is to offer firearm training in a safe and friendly atmosphere that is customized to each individual.  Whether you are choosing to learn to shoot for protection, recreation, or competition, learning pistol fundamentals by a certified instructor is an excellent start. 

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