I offer private instruction at the Galveston Rifle & Pistol Club, The Arms Room, and Texas City Municipal Range. Scroll down for the variety and type of classes I offer.


Classes I teach are Responsibly Armed Citizen Lecture Series, Texas LTC Classes, NRA Basic Pistol & Rifle, and NRA Personal Protection inside the Home. Details on LTC Classes and Lecture Series on pages under the “Services” menu drop down.

If you wish to shoot at another range there will be an additional range fee depending on the range you choose.

Do you have a pistol you want to learn how to shoot? Bring it and the ammunition for it.

Private Instruction can be customized to your needs. For example:

  • Introduction to Pistol –  How to safely handle and shoot a pistol. The Fundamentals.
  • Have a gun you want to learn how to shoot?
  • Have some experience but want to become more comfortable with firearms.
  • Draw from a holster.
  • Prepare for the “Texas License to Carry” shooting qualification test.
  • Gun cleaning parties. Teaching you how to clean your firearm.  I will bring supplies.
  • Concealed Carry get together. I will bring various methods of carry for you to try and discuss advantages/disadvantages of each.
  • Introduction to Rifle – How to safely handle and shoot a rifle. The Fundamentals.
  • Shoot an AR 15 for fun. This includes the ammo.
  • Don’t want to go to the gun range by yourself. I am happy to go with you. Many women feel uncomfortable going alone to the range for the first time.

***Private Instruction is for 1 and half hour at $60. This includes targets, eye and ear protection (if needed) , my pistols to shoot, and a De-Lead wipe when done. Ammunition is $20 for a box of 50 if you use my firearms.   

***Don’t want to clean your pistol.  I am happy to clean it for you for $40; add a second pistol and it’s $65.  No supplies required just your pistol and its owner’s manual in a case.

Texas License To Carry (LTC) Classes go to Texas LTC Class page.

NRA Pistol & Rifle Classes

NRA Personal Protection in the Home Class

2 Hour Lecture “Pistol Safety, Conduct and Etiquette”  –  $25 per person

“Becoming A Responsibly Armed Citizen” Lecture Series go to Tiki Island Firearms Training Series page.

I am the Facilitator for the League City Chapter of A Girl & A Gun.  We host 2 events each month. You are welcome to attend. For more information go to the “A Girl & A Gun League City Chapter” menu choice.

I am the Instructor for The Arms Room Loaded Ladies Program. It’s the 3rd Wednesday of each month and you are welcome to attend this also.  For more information go to the “Loaded Ladies of The Arms Room” menu choice.

Call me at (432) 230-7683 or contact me and we can talk about the details of what YOU need or want to learn.