Thinking of gifting a gun this Christmas? Give the gift of a new skill first!

It’s that Merry time of year; decorating, baking, parties, and holiday shopping.  If you are considering giving a firearm this Christmas please read below.

I have met many ladies that have a pistol their significant other has bought them as a gift that they don’t know how to shoot. Or perhaps even worse that well meaning person then took them to the range to learn how to shoot this new pistol and it doesn’t turn out so well.  What is it about husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend relationships that we just don’t always “enjoy” learning from each other. ☺  I don’t like the way my husband does laundry so he’s not allowed in the laundry room. And I know he doesn’t like the way I wash the cars.

Gun StoreNothing is more wonderful and spells Christmas than our favorite gun store full of pistols of all shapes, calibers, and sizes. AR-15s, ammunition, scopes for all sizes, suppressors and more.  We love our firearms and we want to share this amazing hobby and sport with our significant others for Christmas.
So before you go to that amazing utopia of all things firearms – think a moment about the person you want to give this gift.  Do they know how to shoot?  Have they ever shot a pistol before? What purpose or how would this person use this firearm? A firearm can be expensive and you don’t want to purchase one that may not fit their hands well or be of a caliber that is difficult for them to manage.

What I would suggest is giving the gift of education this Christmas.  A gift certificate to learn how to shoot. I have several different types of pistols that can be used during a private lesson, along with those the education on pistol fundamentals that will give them the skills and confidence to be able to choose their own firearm.  A private lesson on pistol fundamentals is the gift that keeps on giving…..and then you can share the excitement and joy of their first firearm shopping experience.

Christmas CertificateContact me today for a Gift Certificate. It will make a wonderful stocking stuffer and gift that can keep on giving.

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