Why start a firearms training business?

I’m Cindy from Galveston Gal Firearms Training, LLC.  I am new with this side of the cindy-3range… Websites, Facebook, the technological and administrative side of forming a business; so go easy on me with this first blog. ☺

A few non-shooting family and friends wanted to know since I’m a woman why would I want to start a firearms training business?

Well my first thought was, I LOVE SHOOTING!  From that very first time I held a pistol and learned how to shoot, I was hooked. It was so empowering and just plain fun so I want to share this passion I have for firearms and shooting with others.

Women in particular feel intimidated at a gun store or range; if they even go. Many times when I’m at the range I only see women on the sidelines watching and not participating. I have been told so many times from ladies that they WANT to learn how to shoot but taking that first step to sign up for a class was too scary, or they didn’t know where to start. Or I hear how they didn’t like getting a shooting lesson from their significant other (sorry husbands, boyfriends) and the gun they were given too hard to shoot.    I will save this last subject for another future blog post.

I had been thinking about getting my NRA Pistol Instructor certification for a couple of years since I am on the Assistant Team for my local women’s shooting league chapter. During that time I taught several of my friends how to shoot and enjoyed watching that light bulb moment when something I explained made sense and of course the huge proud smiles and excitement they felt when looking at their target after shooting. So I guess you could say I started this business to offer women one on one private instruction that would be safe and comfortable and at their pace.  And men too if they are interested.☺

So take that scary first step to contact me to learn how to safely handle firearms.  I will do my best to help you accomplish your goals.

Lastly, I do want to give a huge shout out to Tracy Hughes the Facilitator of our local “A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League- the League City Chapter” and firearms Instructor who is not only a friend but has been a mentor to me to get this business started.

And another shout out to Kristen Wilson from A Visual Business who has done this beautiful website for me and painstakingly explains tech stuff and Facebook.



  1. Cindy,
    So glad to hear that you started your own business. Congrats. I love your style of teaching, thanks for making me feel welcome, and love the company name.
    Delia Weatherly


    1. Thank you Delia for the kind words. ☺ I hope you will love shooting and enjoy the sisterhood as much as I do.


  2. Enjoyed my first class on gun safety. Well done, Cindy!


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